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About Brexit4Business

Our knowledgeable team of advisors can support you and your business following the UK’s EU exit and beyond.

Brexit4Business is an advisory service, providing information and insight to local businesses on the topic of Brexit.

We cover a wide selection of Brexit-related topics, ranging from EU settlement and employment law to import and export implications.

We are made up of a team of expert advisors, each of whom can utilise their own business experience and knowledge as well as up-to-date information to provide answers to those companies seeking to optimise their performance and find opportunities in the post-Brexit reality.

Using the expertise of our advisors, we can provide guidance via our bespoke consultations.

To find out more about the team and the array of areas we cover, please view our advisor biographies below:

Bob Clarke

Bob is a business advisor and management consultant with over 30 years of experience working with SMEs within the manufacturing, industrial and logistical services sectors. Bob delivers coaching and training for business owners and teams, covering topics such as business strategy, financial management, taxation and trade.

Bob leads our import and export workshops, using his rich expertise in this area to deliver clarity on trade changes and new processes.

Kate Goodman

Kate is an advisor to businesses, offering practical HR management guidance to businesses and enabling them to develop effective people strategies to fuel business growth. With experience at several well-known companies, Kate has managed large workforces and specialises in people development and employee engagement.

Kate leads our EU settlement workshops, with her proficiency in HR allowing her to offer effective advice for EU workers and businesses employing non-UK nationals.

Ian Rotsey

Ian is a skilled business advisor as well as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England and Wales. He runs his own financial and business consultancy, providing SMEs across many sectors with advice on their finance, auditing and management processes.

Ian’s specialised knowledge in business finance and growth allow him to provide valuable guidance to businesses on how they can effectively adapt to Brexit challenges.

Alan Todd

Alan is a respected business advisor and consultant, having previously worked in manager and director roles at a number of well-known companies, including Barclays Bank. His past work has particularly focused on SMEs, with Alan supporting small businesses towards milestones of growth.

Alan specialises in budget setting and performance monitoring for businesses, and he is able to lend this specialist knowledge to businesses.

Michael Wright

Michael is a business consultant, with experience in growing and transforming businesses of all types and sizes over his career. His expertise lies in strategy formulation, growth planning, operational efficiency and brand positioning.

His vast skills around the various areas of business planning and development enable him to provide valuable advice to companies in their preparations.

Rich Olsen

Rich is a business advisor with expertise across sectors, including finance and marketing. In his role as Chairman of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, he has a strong understanding of business within the region, and has advised many companies on how to grow and finance their brands.

Using his vast experience in business, Rich is able to provide insight to companies on what they can do now to adjust to life outside of the EU.

Nigel Garner

Nigel is an accredited ibd Business Adviser, with vast experience in providing valuable business guidance around e-commerce, international trade, funding and growth. In his career to date, he has headed e-commerce teams, driven significant sales and productivity improvements through online and offline design and process optimisation for a number of companies, helping people to embrace digital and maximise opportunity.

With this knowledge, he is able to assist businesses to adapt to the challenge of Brexit and drive improved performance to the bottom line

Nick Shanagher

Nick is a business advisor specialising in sales and profit growth, people development and change management. Throughout his career, he has helped several SMEs to create effective growth strategies that deliver increased revenue and rewards.

Using his expertise in overcoming business problems and growth obstacles, he can provide useful advice to companies as they adjust to the post-Brexit reality and seek to minimise the impact on their metrics.

Sue McCreedy

Sue has extensive senior management experience in SMEs, social enterprises and non-profits in the UK and globally across five continents and has particular expertise in start-up operations. She was most recently Chief Operating Officer for International Alert – a global organisation working on over 20 countries, including Europe. She now works as a freelance management consultant and business coach, with skills in leadership, strategy and business planning, organisational development, change management, governance and operations.

Mark Lee

Mark has years of knowledge in helping businesses to make the most of their people and processes. He has career experience working as a business development manager at a number of companies and now continues to assist companies in their operational excellence and growth missions.

With this expertise, he is able to support businesses as they navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with Britain’s UK exit and ensure their resilience.

Mike Russell

Mike has over 38 years of expertise working in the insurance sector, alongside his work in business development and sales and operational training. This experience allows him to share valuable support to SMEs adapting to the new post-Brexit, post-pandemic reality.

Through his skills, Mike can provide help to businesses seeking assistance to develop effective strategies, manage partners, build relationships, prepare for sales excellence and facilitate growth.

John Ogden

As an accredited advisor, John works with businesses of all sizes to help them better define their aims and their route to achieving them thorough rigorous planning, disciplined processes, problem-solving, taut financial management and supportive leadership.

He has a strong track record in senior leadership, strategic planning and change management, programme and project management, and training and education.

If you would like advice for your business in regard to Brexit, whether on a specific area or more generally, get in touch with an advisor or sign up to one of our events.